Sunday, September 16, 2012

How to Properly Donate Your Hair

So I made the cut! The haircut that is. This weekend I decided that it was the right time to cut the hair I had been growing out for close to two years. Why did I decide to grow my hair out in the first place? So that I could donate it!
Donating your hair is as easy as growing it out, cutting it, and then sending it off in the mail. Sure it takes time and effort to grow the hair and keep it healthy, but knowing that the hair will become part of a wig given to a woman with cancer makes the struggle a little easier.
Years ago I donated my hair for the first time and learned how rewarding the experience could be. Two years later I cut my hair intending to donate it, only to discover that it was an inch too short! So here I am again and this time I made sure to do things right!
1. The most important thing when donating your hair is to make sure it is long enough. The minimum length is 8 inches. If you have curly hair like me, straighten it to measure.
Now that you have met the most important requirement, it's time to prepare the hair.
2. Thoroughly wash your hair and then dry it. Do not use any product in your hair, just wash it with shampoo and then leave it.
3. Divide your hair into four sections with elastic bands. One on each side of your face, and two at the back. Unlike one ponytail, having four ponytails will allow you to cut off the maximum length of hair from each side of your head.
4. Pull the elastic bands down half an inch below where you would like to cut. This will help keep the hair together and organized.
5. Cut the hair half an inch above the elastic and place it into an envelope to send to whatever organization you like that accepts hair. I donated mine to Pantene which has the "Beautiful Lengths" program where they work with the American Cancer Society to provide real hair wigs to women with cancer.
All that is left to do is have your hair professionally cut by a hair dresser (or maybe your older sister). The hair I donated this weekend was just shy of 10 inches. Now I feel amazing every time I shake my head when saying "no". : )
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  1. I can't wait to see what your hair looks like tomorrow :)

  2. Wow, that's a big change! That's nice you donated it. I also can't wait to see the new 'do tomorrow. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Whoops! Thank you for the heads up, and for reading my post. : )

  4. Looking forward to seeing your new 'do! And props for a selfless act like this, which will make a big difference for someone who could use one. :)

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