Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The New Bins Are In!

The City of Winnipeg has successfully delivered its new garbage and recycling bins to the South end of Winnipeg. Back in June the first of the new bins, part of Winnipeg's new garbage and recycling services program, were delivered to residents in the northwest part of the city. Since then the media has reported multiple problems such as Winnipeg's yard waste depots closing, upset seniors unable to move the bins themselves, and some homes receiving two sets of bins.
The latest issue that has reached papers is what to do with the old blue boxes previously used for recycling. It's estimated that there are 500,000 blue boxes here in Winnipeg, and the city expects as many as 150,000 to simply be discarded.
I have a pretty optimistic outlook on all of the recent news. Few people get excited when things in their life change, but eventually they get used to it and soon the new change becomes the norm. I also have a feeling that many of the kinks that people have discovered in the new system will be sorted out in time and eventually people will be wondering how they ever took out the trash before this system was introduced.
The issue with the many blue boxes without a purpose is actually very exciting to me. Already some programs have ideas about introducing gardening to young children with the help of the old recycling boxes. Personally, I already have plans to turn mine into laundry hamper. If you'd like to find out some more ideas of what to do with your blue box, check out this piece from the Metro, and if you think of a really great and original idea of what to use them for, submit it to this contest from Simply Recycle Manitoba by September 30th.
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