Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dacotah Drive-In Closes for the Cold

Last Saturday evening I was one of the lucky 24 people that attended Dacotah Drive-In's final showing before it closed for winter. Andrew Paul McCrea (photo below) decided that the last projection of the season would be an epic triple feature containing the films Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and then The Rocky Horror Picture Show. 
It was so amazing to experience going to a drive-in theatre again!
The movies began showing at 7:30pm. Before that, Andrew had his "lobby" open with lots of free snacks such as freshly popped popcorn from his popcorn machine, deep-fried onion rings from his mini deep-fryer (shown in the bottom right photo), and burgers he was cooking on his griddle from home.
The movies were displayed on the outside of a shed that belongs to Andrew's sister's boyfriend. I was really impressed by how good the movies looked when projected on to the shed. In my mind I was expecting a smaller, less clear image to appear on the "screen", but instead it was large and very clear. The radio system that Andrew had set up was also perfect and only required the drivers to turn to 107.5 on their radios in order to hear the audio of the movie.
Long story short, so many folks came out and the whole evening was a blast! And because Andrew began the movies so early, the last film finished at 12:30am, allowing everyone plenty of time to drive back to the city to get some shut-eye. I can't wait for the next season.
If you'd be interested in going to the Dacotah Drive-in when it re-opens in the spring, check out their Facebook page and take a look at Andrew's previous posts about his drive-in here and here.
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