Monday, October 15, 2012

My First Football Game

On Saturday I went to the Canad Inns Stadium to watch a live football game for the first time ever. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers were playing against the Calgary Stampeders at noon and I was there to write an article for my journalism class.
My first time going to a football game was quite the adventure. It started with me arriving downtown at the MTS Centre to make a transfer to Polo Park. At first I thought I would be taking the 11 Polo Park, or perhaps the 24 Ness Express, or maybe the good ol' 21 Portage Express. Oh my naiveté.
Almost as soon as I stepped off my first bus, a "Stadium Shuttle" arrived at the stop. Suddenly the small group of people around me who were also waiting began to cheer, and I knew that that bus was meant for me.
The shuttle quickly arrived at the stadium and I began to walk around, looking for something I could turn into a story. Unfortunately I was over an hour early, so there wasn't anyone to talk to besides tailgaters. But then an hour later I was standing in the crowd singing Oh Canada and thanking the Lord for making the weather so beautiful.
And then I sat down.
Did you know that the highest seats in the stadium are made out of metal? Do you know how cold your butt will get if you sit on those seats in chilly weather?! After about 30 minutes of watching the game I suddenly understood why everyone was carrying multiple blankets. The rowdy gentlemen behind me got a kick out of watching me shiver and bounce my legs and joked about how every time I brought out my cellphone I must be texting my friends to say how cold I was.
They were spot on.
Overall it was a fun game to watch even though the Bombers lost. It was interesting hearing the reactions of the crowd, watching the cannon blow every time the home team scored a touchdown, and seeing the many colourful faces of the fans that sat around me.
But unfortunately I don't feel like I totally understand how the game works and still have a few questions. Like, why isn't the ball round? And how come only some people get to kick it? And I thought only goalies were supposed to wear masks. And why does everyone hate the guys wearing the white and black striped shirts?
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  1. I can never follow the rules of football either! It seems more complicated than the other team sports, somehow. This despite the fact that I had to write a test on it in Phys. Ed. class in Grade 7.