Monday, November 26, 2012

A Quick Word on Scholarships

I was recently informed by the Minister Responsible for the Status of Women that I am a recipient of a Training for Tomorrow Educational Award. 

This award program is "designed to encourage women to consider careers in math, science and technology. The program provides scholarships to eligible women who have been accepted to study math, science and/or technology at any of Manitoba's four eligible community colleges". 

I am not sure how well publicized this award program is and want to use this blog as a platform to encourage others to consider applying for these types of awards.

The Training for Tomorrow award is listed on the College website with a link to the provincial department granting the award. The application form is straightforward and there is no essay required.

I happened to drop my application off in person at the office listed on the form and took a few minutes to speak to the staff person at the front desk. 

She told me that several people are eliminated from consideration for the award for simply not following the instructions: submitting the application late, not submitting an original transcript, leaving a section of the form incomplete. That's so unfortunate and I'll admit that I left the office wondering if I had forgotten to complete a section of my own application.

I know that it is redundant of me to say this, but every little bit helps when you are a student and have to pay some pretty big bills for tuition and the technology required for our program. At the same time, we've been hearing from our instructors that there are some awards that go unclaimed or have too few applicants. 

One such award is the Jack Matheson Award for a student who participates in sports as well as writes about sports. Applications are due December 8, so get them in fast!

Award or scholarship applications take some time to complete, but it may turn out to be time well spent. 
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  1. I filled this award out too, congrats!
    scholarships are for sure worth taking time to fill out