Sunday, January 13, 2013

Face-to Face Interviews for an Internship at Disney

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Back in December I wrote a post titled How to Ace a Phone Interview and in the post I described my experience interviewing over the phone for a summer internship with Walt Disney World. The interview was just one of the many steps a college student takes to become one of Disney's summer interns.

Well I have some exciting news. I've been asked to come to Toronto at the end of January for the face-to-face interviews. These interviews are the final step in the process before being given a position, and then after that it's just a matter of filling out the paper work, getting a 90 day student work Visa to work in The United States, and then buying the plane ticket to Florida!

Oh, and I have to go to the bank to buy some American cash. Can't forget to bring money for food. : )

So you might be wondering what happens in the program. Well, Disney provides housing to the interns as well as pays them for the hours they spend working at the parks. As a foreign student from Canada, I'll be rooming with other foreign students, and as for the job, Disney has a whole list of roles people can request to do.

Although I dream of being the character Bell from Beauty and The Beast, foreign students are not allowed to be "face" characters, only "fur" characters (like Mickey or Minnie). But I'm not sad because I'm sure I'll be very happy just being in the park telling people to keep their hands in the car or helping find folks the perfect souvenir to give to their families.

I've been looking forward to the day when I could apply for this internship, and now that I'm just a few months away from hopefully working in Florida, everything seems to be moving so fast. As of now though, I'm preparing for my up-coming interview at the end of this month, getting forms filled out and putting together a list of the roles I would like to do this summer.

Wish me luck!
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  1. That sounds like it would be a great experience Natasha. Good luck!

  2. Good luck! A grad from a few years ago actually worked for Disney before coming to CreComm (she was at Epcot, I believe) - if you'd like to chat with her about the application/interview experience, I can likely connect you. Just let me know!

    1. I would love to talk to her! I'll send you an email right away. : )

  3. Based on your mock interview in class, I think you'll ace this.

    1. And thank you for the opportunity to practice my interviewing skills. : D