Sunday, February 24, 2013

Taking Photos for Neat Magazine

Reading week is coming to an end but not before I was able to tackle a lot of homework and even take some photos of a deliciously sour drink for my group's magazine.

I absolutely love photography and I never leave the house without my camera. Three years ago I went to Futureshop to buy my second camera. The first one I'd bought had been on sale for $100 and it was horrible. No matter what I did with the settings, it just couldn't take a good picture.

That wasn't going to happen this time. I ended up paying close to $800 for my new camera, its case, and a spare memory card, and I've never regretted it.

As I continue learning in the Creative Communications program, I'm repeatedly asking myself "should I buy a new camera?" Should I take the plunge and buy myself an authentic DSLR and enter the world of serious photographers? I admit I envy some of my friends like Braiden Watling and Holly Beraro, two amazing people who are really talented when it comes to taking pictures.

I guess I'll have to continue thinking about whether or not I should invest in a new camera. Right now I'm still incredibly happy with my current one I bought three years ago. Clearly it can take a pretty picture based on the photo you see at the top, but could it have been prettier?

Before I finish this post I wanted to share a 'behind the scenes' photo from my little photo shoot the other day. Be sure to look forward to the release of Neat, a magazine about the good stuff. 

I hope everyone had a great Reading Week!

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