Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ice Cutting at Selkirk, Manitoba

Head on over to Selkirk, Manitoba for your next vacation. They've got Ice Cutting, the Keenora boat, and the Happy Thought School. Come on, who wouldn't want to go to a place filled with happy thoughts?

So last Tuesday I traveled with four other classmates to Selkirk, Manitoba for a journalism assignment, and boy was I excited. I LOVE road trips! Listening to music, playing eye-spy games in the car, eating snacks you've picked up at the gas station during your bathroom break. Road trips are almost as fun as airplane trips.

But Selkirk is only 30 minutes away from Winnipeg. What!?

Why? Why did this happen? We barely got through four songs on my playlist and we were already rolling into the city. Why didn't anyone tell me Selkirk was so close? Why didn't we go somewhere farther, like Brandon?

Needless to say, I was disappointed in the travel part of the "travel assignment." But once we got to the city, my amazing tour guides (Kieran and Alicia) showed me all there was to see in Selkirk. I want to thank them for their 15 minutes of hard work.

After romping around town for a while, taking pretty pictures and hassling some folks from the neighbourhood with our hard-hitting journalism questions, we drove over to Kieran's old home and ate a delicious lunch made by his mom.

Hi Kieran's mom! Your vegetarian chilli was great!

After lunch we each went our separate ways to work on our assignment for an hour. We got together and decided that before we left the city we would eat at one of Selkirk's restaurants. Then we headed home.

During the trip back we all took turns talking about the stories we had discovered, the difficulties we had faced when asking people questions, and just how much we love Selkirk now.

Go journalism assignments!

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  1. Rick Mercer had a segment on ice cutting on his show. I briefly wanted to try out an Amphibex after seeing that.