Thursday, March 7, 2013

Introducing Next Year's Sports and Lifestyle Editor!

This is my photo on the cover of the Projector!

Wooooooo! Excited, Excited, I'm. So. Excited.

Okay, so if you couldn't tell by the title of this post, let me say it again for you. Next year I will be the Sports and Lifestyle editor of the Projector, Red River College's newspaper.

It all started this Monday when applications were due. I spent the weekend updating my resume, writing a cover letter, and picking out the samples of work I wanted to include in my package. Then Monday morning came and I carefully slipped the brown envelope into the Projector's mailbox.

The next day I received an email and was given a time to come in for face-to-face interviews on Wednesday. Hmmm, sounds familiar. : )

So Wednesday evening came and suddenly it was my turn to sit in the hot seat. But, the seat wasn't that hot. Actually, it was comfortably warm. I had a chance to talk about some ideas I have for the Sports and Lifestyle section, and answered questions about what I would do in various situations. Wow, that also sounds familiar! : D

Then this morning I took the bus to the Notre Dame campus to take photos of the career fair and to ask people questions for my next article, and when I took the bus back to the downtown campus, I ran into Megan (next year's editor in chief) and she told me to check my email.

Could it be? No Way! Oh My Gosh, I'm so happy right now!

The next few minutes after I discovered the good news was spent on my phone texting my mom and some friends. And now I'm telling all of you.

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