Monday, March 25, 2013

Why ebooks are awesome

Each student in the Creative Communications program is required to complete an Individual Professional Project (IPP) during their second year in the program. Projects come in many forms. Short documentaries, screenplays, promotional videos, ad campaigns, a series of articles, novellas, cook books, fundraisers, events, and even music videos.

Today I submitted my proposal to write an ebook for my IPP.

Ebooks are new and foreign to a lot of folks. Some people I've talk to still believe ebooks are only read on devices specifically made for electronic books. But the truth is ebooks can be read on almost any device today. From Kobo readers to iPhones, as long as it has a screen, it can display the pages of an ebook.

Along with easy accessibility, there are a lot of benefits to ebooks.

They're often cheaper than their print versions. I first discovered how different the costs can be when I was required to buy A Thousand Farewells for my journalism class. To buy the print version was $35, but to buy the ebook version was only $16. That's a huge difference in price.

They can be updated, expanded, or even redesigned. If the author of an ebook discovers a spelling mistake or any other error in their book, they can go back and make a correction. People who have already purchased the ebook before the correction was made will have their ebook updated to the correct version (at no extra cost).

Ebooks make it easier for authors to self publish their work, and give authors complete control of the ebook's content. No more rejection letters and no more altering the story to make the publisher happy. On top of that, authors can set the price they want to sell their book at. If they want to sell their ebook for $1.99 or $9.99, they can, and if after a while they want to change their mind and alter the price, they can.

There are so many more pros to ebooks, like being able to give small samples of the ebook to potential buyers, and never having to worry about the ebook store taking the ebook off the shelf because of 'limited space', but there are a few cons to self-publishing an ebook.

Having a book traditionally published from a publishing company means the book will get edited and looked over for mistakes by professional editors. The book will also have the name of the company backing it and providing support. There are some other benefits, but I don't know a lot about traditional publishing.

What I do know is I want to write an ebook.

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