Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The 'Build Your Own Lightsaber' Station

That's right, you can build your own lightsaber in Walt Disney World. Actually, you can do it in three places in Disney World. In Hollywood Studios after the 'Star Tours: The Adventure Continues' ride in the Star Wars shop, in Mickey Star Traders in The Magic Kingdom, and in the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney.

The station in Mickey Star Traders was always in tip top shape. I made sure of that. I really really loved the build your own lightsaber station. When a cast member is assigned to the lightsaber station they get to wear a jedi robe, the R2D2 Mickey ear hats, and they get to build lightsabers and then play with them!

Interesting fact, while I was working at The Magic Kingdom this summer, lightsabers generated the largest profit of all the products in the store.

To make your own lightsaber, all you have to do is follow the steps that are posted on the wall. Most guests don't know there are steps on the wall, most guests don't understand the steps posted on the wall after you've pointed them out, and most guests don't want help building the lightsaber they don't know how to put together, but that's okay. Somehow lots of lightsabers get sold.

In fact, there were even some days when we couldn't sell anymore lightsabers because we ran out of the handles. The handles make the light in the lightsaber shine. : )

So if you ever find yourself at a 'build your own lightsaber' station in Walt Disney World, I hope you will remember to read the step-by-step instructions posted on the wall, and I hope there will be handles there for you to build the lightsaber, because they're pretty popular and there's no guarantee there will be.
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  1. I went to Disney World this past week with my high school band and orchestra, and I built a lightsaber for my little brother. But they ran out of parts and I didn't get the parts that go over the black covering over the handle. They still charged me full price and I was disappointed. Do you know if I can get spare parts anywhere?? Thanks.

  2. Went to all three locations (Once Upon a Toy in Downtown Disney, Tatooine Traders in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Mickey’s Star Traders in the Magic Kingdom ) this past week and none of them had the parts to finish a lightsaber. Such a disappointment!! They were missing the parts for steps 4,5,6,and 7 - basically anything that went over the handle. Had one disappointed 9 year old...and dad.

    1. We had the same problem a week before you did. Email Customer Service for Walt Disney World. We did, and though they could not ship us any parts, they did get us a $25 gift card (good at any Disney location/store/website) as compensation, but you have to have a copy of your receipt that you can fax/email to them. Maybe if they get enough complaints, they will make spare parts available online to avoid having to give out gift cards.

    2. Your gift card may not be as large, as we bought three lightsabers (one for me and one of each of my kids).