Friday, October 25, 2013

Having a Show on Red River Radio

 Get ready for some shameless promoting!

That's right. I have my own show on Red River Radio and it's called K-Pop Town where, you guessed it, I play k-pop music and update listeners on the latest news about idol groups and solo artists in South Korea. It airs live every Thursday from noon-1 and you can listen to it on the TuneIn radio app (just search Red River Radio) or you can stream it online at

So far I've done three episodes and you can listen to them at the following links.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

After three episodes I'm just starting to feel comfortable in the hot seat, whoops, I mean host's seat. Haha.

Now that K-Pop Town has been around for a few weeks, I felt it was necessary to create a Twitter account to connect with my audience and find out what people would like to hear on the show. So if there's a k-pop song you'd like to hear on my show, tweet me @rrcKPopTown to let me know.

And don't worry if it's an old song. A little birdie told me K-Pop Town might be having a 'blast from the past' episode with some of the popular classics kpoppers will love.

Is kpopper a word? Yes, yes it is.

Tune in to K-Pop Town every Thursday from noon-1 on the TuneIn radio app or online at!

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