Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Music all Around

There are a lot of things that Disney does really well. Keeping things clean, transporting their guests, making magic, all those things.

But one thing Disney does so well it's almost annoying, is theming. Everything from the costumes the cast members wear (more on those later) to the small and seemingly insignificant props that make all the difference. The design and look of each Disney location makes you feel as though you've stepped into another world and any thoughts of the 'real world' vanish. 

Disney themes all of their locations including resorts, restaurants, and even their washrooms. But if you want to see some impressive theming, go to one of the parks at Walt Disney World. 

There are no clocks in any of the parks, there are no TVs or any other technology that show footage of outside the park. Go to a park and try to catch a glimpse of the outside. It's nearly impossible. You sort of can on Test Track during the outside portion of the ride, but it's hard to get a good look when you're going so fast.

Today I want to talk about the background music that is constantly playing in the background no matter where you go in the parks. If you walk into Adventureland, you'll hear jungle sounds and music from Pirates of the Caribbean, if you go into Fantasyland, you'll hear music from Beauty and The Beast and The Little Mermaid, if you walk down Main St. you'll hear music from Up, if you walk into Liberty Square, you'll from the Hall of Presidents? Or maybe it's music from The Haunted Mansion, which would be so cool. I don't know because I rarely went to Liberty Square.

In Tomorrowland, they play 'digitized' versions of songs from The Carousel of Progress and Toy Story. You'd think months of listening to the same songs for hours would make someone hate them, but I loved hearing those songs. Sometimes I would play in The Magic Kingdom on my days off, and as soon as I walked across the bridge towards Space Mountain into Tomorrowland, hearing that music made me feel like I was coming home.

Sometimes after the park had closed I would be assigned to collect all the abandoned strollers that had been rented in the morning. That was the best time to listen to the music in the land. As I would walk around the land looking for strollers to pick up, it was almost eerie seeing the park as empty as it was and only hearing the background music, with no sounds of people laughing or talking. The only thing you can hear at 2 a.m. when the park is closed is the sound of the guy power spraying the ground, and the background music. It's a truly beautiful thing that only cast members get to experience.

Below is my favourite song that I listened to constantly while working in Tomorrowland. I have it on my iPhone now and listen to it every once in a while on the bus. 

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