Friday, November 15, 2013

Butterbeer: Frozen vs. Liquid


This summer I worked at Walt Disney World, and although working for Disney meant that I could enter any of their parks for free (even the ones in Tokyo and Paris!), I sometimes spent my days off at the Universal theme parks.

Something to note. If you're working and living in Florida, even just for a few months like I did, and you think you're going to go to Universal two times or more that year, purchase the annual pass. It's almost $200, but a day pass to enter just one of the parks is around $85. So essentially if you buy the annual pass, visit the two theme parks for two days, you have already gotten your money's worth from the pass.

I went to Universal five times when I was in Florida this summer, and each time I went it was mandatory that I and my party get butter beer. We usually did this sometime between lunch and dinner when the weather was hottest.

It didn't matter who I was with, Harry Potter fans or non-Harry Potter fans, the debate on whether the frozen butterbeer or liquid butterbeer was better. 

Here are my thoughts.

They both taste exactly the same. Don't believe people when they say the frozen one is sweeter, or the liquid one has a more 'caramely' taste to it, none of it is true. I had so much butterbeer this summer, frozen, liquid, liquid that used to be frozen but melted in the heat, and they all taste the same. 

They both use the same recipe, it's just that some of the liquid gets put into the slushy machine to get frozen and spun, and some of the liquid gets put into a cooling tank, like actual tap beer. 

So here is my recommendation for you. If you go to Harry Potter World in the summer, buy the frozen. It will be so hot you'll be glad you did. And then there's always the possibility to try the liquid version if your frozen butterbeer melts quickly enough. : )

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  1. I have never heard of butterbeer before, Natasha. Is it actual beer? Did Harry Potter World manage to make beer more fattening than it already is? (haha) I am very curious about the taste. Could you explain more?

    1. Sure Steph!
      In the books butterbeer has a small alcohol content, and in Universa's Harry Potter World there is no alcohol in either the frozen or liquid versions of butterbeer (although the firewhisky has alcohol!).
      The taste of butterbeer is actually similar to cream soda without the fizz. The foam on top tastes like sweet and liquidy marshmallows. So, so, so good. But a full glass is hard to finish since the drink is so sweet.