Friday, November 1, 2013

Paper Fastpasses a Thing of the Past

When I was working in Walt Disney World this summer, magic bands were on everyone's minds. They were doing beta testing on the new magic bands a few weeks before I left in August, and so almost everyone I worked with was lamenting the loss of the paper fastpass.

That's right! The new magic bands can act as a credit card, room key, park ticket, AND fastpass.

So before all of the paper fastpass machines were removed I spent some of my last days at Disney collecting as many paper fastpasses as I could.

I really like the paper fastpasses, because, well, I love anything that I can collect. But I also like the different designs that each one has. When fastpasses first came out, they all had the same design and all that was different on each ticket was the name of the ride.

The tickets that I saw this summer were much more colourful and unique. My favourites are the tickets for Rockin' Roller Coaster and Mission Space.

Now something cool that I don't think many people know about (I never would have known until I started trying to collect them all) are ghost fastpasses. I've never worked in attractions before, but my friend in attractions explained that ghost fastpasses are basically test tickets that tell the cast members working there how the machine is doing (with numbers and stats that I don't understand).

One day I was at Animal Kingdom and the fastpasses for Kali River Rapids had all been given out for the day.* I explained to the girl working there that I only wanted a ticket for my collection, not to use to get onto the ride. She said she couldn't give me one, but could give me a ghost ticket. And that's how I learned about ghost tickets.

*Reminder, don't go to Walt Disney World in the summer, the lines are waaaaay too long.

Soarin'! It is so rare to see fastpasses for this ride because honestly, going on the ride is so much better than having the ticket in your collection.

I only have this ticket because one day when my friend Chris and I were hanging out in Epcot we went out for dinner and then decided to watch the fireworks, completely forgetting that we had gotten fastpasses for Soarin' earlier in the day. We both didn't mind too much though because we had both been on the ride so many times before.

And that's another reason why I love my collection of fastpasses. Each one has a story behind it and reminds me of the happy times I had with friends in the parks.

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