Friday, January 10, 2014

Being the Sports and Lifestyle Editor for my college newspaper

Happy New Year everyone!

The winter break was a blast and full of some amazing opportunities, but now it's time to get back to school and back to work.

Although most of my posts have been about my time spent working at The Magic Kingdom in Disney World this past summer, today I'm going to talk a little bit about what it's like being the Sports and Lifestyle (S&L) editor for The Projector, Red River College's bi-weekly newspaper. I know, a lot less exciting than rollercoasters and fireworks shows, but still pretty interesting.

I began working as the S&L editor last March. I was just finishing my first year in the Creative Communications program, and there were a few reasons I applied. It would look great on a resume, I'd still get to use my interviewing and article-writing journalism skills while majoring in PR in my second year, and it would help me form relationships with the first-years, something that has been really hard for my fellow second-years from what I have heard.

So almost a year ago I filled out the application for the position and dropped off my package at the Student's Association office. Soon after I was being interviewed by the new Editor-in-Chief Meg Crane, and then I received an email saying that I had gotten the job. Yay me!

Little did I know that the position was assigned immediately, not at the start of the next semester in August. I and the rest of the new editorial team worked hard to send out the last two issues of the paper in March, and then we returned in August when the fall classes began.

Being a section editor has easy and hard parts. Editing articles is easy for me, and so is finding news stories to write about. Finding people to write the articles is a little bit harder. There have been a few issues where I feared I wouldn't be able to fill my section due to a lack of writers, but some how each issue has come out with a full S&L section.

Over the year I have seen amateur writers turn into hard-hitting journalists, and every time I see a new article appear in my inbox, I’m always amazed and think to myself ‘these guys are writing better articles than I did this time last year!'

The Projector team has started discussing the timeline for hiring next year’s editorial team, and already I am sad at the thought of my position coming to an end. I look forward to seeing who will apply and encourage all of those who have an interest in writing for the paper to send in their resumes soon. It doesn’t matter what your major is (look at me, I’m in PR) all that matters is that you love writing to inform people on what is taking place in their world.

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  1. This was a smart choice - I'd encourage anyone majoring in PR to get involved in the student newspaper. It'll make you better at what you do. :)

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