Thursday, February 13, 2014

Being Stage Ready

Are you stage ready?

Are your nails clean and free of polish? 
Have you shaved off your facial hair?
Is your hair a natural colour and pushed back from your face? 
Do you have your lanyard and does it have at least 12 pins on it? 
Are you wearing your name tag? 
Do you have your water bottle and poncho and are they awkwardly attached to your belt? 
Are your glasses all one colour? 
Is your make-up neutral and fresh? 
Are you wearing black socks with your black, logo-free, runners, or white socks with your white, logo free runners? 
If you're wearing a ribbon in your hair, does it match a colour on your costume? 

If you answered yes to all these questions, you are stage ready!

Disney has specific rules about how you should look when working, and they refer to it as being 'stage ready'.

I didn't mind the costume rules when I worked at The Magic Kingdom this summer. I got to choose between pants and shorts (yay pants!) while other girls who worked in the bake shop or at The Haunted Mansion ride had to wear those long and heavy skirts in the heat. There was one thing about my costume that I didn't like much though. 

Tucked-in shirts! Someone out there has said 'tucked-in shirts look more professional than shirts that are free from the confines of the waistband of your pants', and so now the majority of Disney costumes require cast members to tuck in their shirts. I wish they would change it though because tucking in your shirt after it came out when you reached for something high on a shelf is not very professional. 

Dan! He worked in custodial this summer in Downtown Disney and loved it. : ) 
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