Thursday, March 20, 2014

5 Things I Miss Most About Working at Disney World

1. The people. CPs stick together forever! Rueben, Chris, Nancy, Amy, Ashley, Jonathan, and ANDRE! There are many others but there isn't enough room in the post to list them. I miss my closest friends from Florida and the fun we used to have together at our apartments, in Downtown Disney, in the theme parks on our days off, and at work in Tomorrowland. It makes my heart hurt to think of how less than a year ago we were all together, complaining about the hot and rainy weather, the mean guests we would occasionally encounter, and the awful and always late busses.

2. Knocking on the door. It's a safety thing. Some doors backstage open both ways and I can't tell you how many times knocking on the door saved me from getting a broken nose this summer. Sometimes I knock on the door out of habit today when I'm at work or school and it takes me right back to Tomorrowland.

3. Walking around the park after-hours when there are no guests around. Quiet, peaceful, eerie, and just plain cool, there is nothing more awesome for a super Disney fan than walking around the park as though you're the last person on earth (and sometimes it really felt that way).

4. Free admission into any Disney theme park in the world. C'mon, that's pretty self-explanatory.

5. Push, the talking trash can. He was a unique character exclusive to Tomorrowland in The Magic Kingdom, and now he's gone. Disney's contract with the robot's creator ended and it appears as though Push won't be coming back. I wonder how his girlfriend Pullina feels about that? #BringBackPush

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