Thursday, March 6, 2014

Disney's "Four Keys"

I learned a lot at Traditions last summer.

During the famous full day of training known as Traditions, I learned about the history of Disney, the different parks, specifically The Magic Kingdom since that where I was working, and the utilidors and how to manuever through them.

But the most important thing I learned that day was Disney's Four Keys. At every meeting and training session, and on every poster and sign-up sheet, there is at least one key that makes its way onto the page or into the presentation. They're so ingrained into everything that Disney and its cast members do.

The ordering of the keys is also very important. Before anything else, safety is the most important in every situation. When helping a guest, working backstage in the stock rooms, and even taking a break in the staff room, safety comes first.

Courtesy! Oh my gosh, I know so many people who would rather work for Universal Studios down the road than Walt Disney World just because of this key. Courtesy is second to safety but is a lot harder to carry-out sometimes. Sometimes it is hard to be courteous to guests who are being out-right mean or won't leave you alone because they want free stuff, and their friend got free stuff, and they read online that they could get free stuff if they asked nicely, and they just can't understand why you aren't giving them any free stuff, and they're going to speak to a manager if you keep ruining the magic of their vacation by not giving them free stuff.

Show. This one makes a lot of sense, especially for an entertainment company like Disney. The park needs to look good, the cast members need to be 'stage ready', and nothing can ruin the illusion. For example, someone who works in Tomorrowland wearing their space-themed costume woud get terminated if they were seen stepping into New Fantasy Land. You just can't do it. Even when collecting strollers at the end of the night when the whole park has been cleared of guests, cast members still have to stay in their land.

And efficiency. Simple enough. Don't be wasteful and do things quickly.

So those are the Four Keys. Another topic I may talk about in a later post is "Safe-D Begins With Me". Look forward to it!

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